sobota, 10 października 2009

Fotoreportaż Barbary Kowalewskiej z Ogrodu Bajek w Kaletniku... ...


...gdzie obchodzono Międzynarodowy Dzień Wegeterianina oraz Międzynarodowy Tydzień Zwierząt.

" I am posting some photographs taken during the yesterday’s event - the celebration of The International Vegetarian Day (what falls on the 1 of October)
and the World Animal Week (what starts on the 4 of October).
Vegetarians and lovers of animals organized the event in the open air.
We spent there a wonderful time especially as the weather was truly autumn, so called gold Polish autumn.

The place is called “A garden of fairy tales ‘Owl” It is a big playground for children, decorated with characters and things what we know very well from our fairy tales.
We could hear lectures: ‘Bats’ and ‘Shopping without foil bags’, ‘Advantages of vegetarian feeding, and a ‘Story about a running wolf’ .
A fable writer read fairy tales and ordered competitions to gathered children. There were also outlets, free of charge like - Veterinarian advices and an expert in esoteric knowledge giving life advices. In addition an exhibition of paintings – ‘Pets’, recitation of poems and a performance of a band „Trio - Ento - Impro".
It was possible to walk around the yard admiring everything what were there, the whole nature, trees like sequoia, a nearby little river, a pond, ancient things, also a mini Stonehenge and a pyramid where it is possible to contemplate and charge energy."


Fotografowała: Barbara Kowalewska